Roadside Dietitian
The Roadside Dietitian

Pam Whitfield is a Registered Dietitian and Cerified Diabetes Educator
who works with drivers to address their diet and nutrition concerns. You’ve
heard her on Sirius/XM talking with drivers about their needs.  Now team
up with Pam as you get started on your road toward a healthier life.

There’s no ‘magic bullet.'  As
your personal RD, Pam will use information
supplied by you and your doctor to build a common sense plan to help you
reach your health objectives.  

The Roadside Dietitian Private Consults:  

When you become a private client, Pam Whitfield, MS, RD, LDN, CDE
becomes your personal dietitian.  

As a Roadside Dietitian private client, you will have the resources and
guidance of this seasoned health care professional at your side.  In one-
on-one phone calls, Pam will work directly with you to build your program
and help you start changing your lifestyle.

She will build a customized plan for you to follow as you work toward your
weight loss goal.

Here’s how Private Consults works:

Basic Program (One Consult):                                              $59.95

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  • Using a form provided, you will prepare and submit a two-day food
  • At your request, your doctor will provide (e-mail or mail) your latest
    medical report and lab results to The Roadside Dietitian.     
  • Using that information, Pam will conduct a 30-minute to one-hour
    telephone interview with you.  This will give her greater insight into
    your needs and wants, lifestyle and concerns. Among the topics
    covered: your weight history, food preferences, typical eating pattern.
  • A nutritional analysis will be performed to determine areas of
    specific nutritional concern.  
  • An analysis of your current diet, meal plan recommendations and a
    sample daily menu will be prepared and sent to you (via e-mail and
    hard copy).

Advanced Consults (First Consult, 2 Follow-ups):          $99.95
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  • All of the elements listed in the Basic Program above PLUS
  • Pam will then call you about 10 to 14 days after the first call and, in
    the course of a 30-minute to one-hour telephone conversation,
    follow-up on your progress, ensure that you are clear on the
    recommended course of action and assess your progress.  
  • Seven to ten days after that conversation, Pam will contact you
    again to review your progress during the course of a 15-30 minute
    follow-up telephone call.  

Don’t face the diet road alone.  Put The Roadside Dietitian on your
team.  If you have questions, complete the brief form below.  Be
sure to include your telephone number.  We’ll contact you to start
the process.  Credit Card Payments only.

Note: All fees are due and payable upon the agreement to purchase the
services of “The Roadside Dietitian”.  

Insurance Reimbursement: If your doctor writes a referral for you to consult with
a registered dietitian, you may be able to file for reimbursement from your health
insurance carrier.  The Roadside Dietitian will provide a “paid” invoice for your

The Roadside Dietitian
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