Roadcookin' Express

Pick a file of your favorite Roadcookin' Express.  Just click and play!  
RCE 1 Vast Waist Land
RCE 2 Battle of the Belly Bulge
RCE 3  It Takes Three
RCE 4 Takin' the Pressure Off:   
RCE 5 Cholesterol Confusion
RCE 6 Flavor Makers
RCE 7 Portion Size
RCE 8 Empty Calories
RCE 9  Take Control
RCE 10 Fire In The Belly
RCE 11 What is Diabetes?
RCE 12 Diabetes Risk Factors
RCE 13 Diabetes & Carbs
RCE 14 Diabetes & Nutrition Labels
RCE 15 Diabetes Sample
Breakfast & Lunch
RCE 16 Keepin'  'em Clean
RCE 17 Don't Eat Blue Food
RCE 18 Fad Diet Red Flags
RCE 19 Eatin' Out on the Road
RCE 20 What's Your Monkey
RCE 21 Kitchen To Go
RCE 22 Food Diary
RCE 23  Dracula's Nightmare
RCE 24  Boning Up On Calcium
RCE 25  The Not So Humble Carrot
RCE 26 Dietitian or Nutritionist?
RCE 27 Ideal Body Weight
RCE 28 Heat Your Meat
RCE 29  Myth Busters
RCE 30 Going Green is Too
RCE 31  Packing on the
"Freshman 15"
RCE 32  The Java Debate
RCE 33  Protect Your Prostate, #1
RCE 34 Protecting Your Prostate, #2
RCE 35  Andy Moody on Food Words
RCE 36  Can't Get It Up?  Try Going
Down for the Night!
RCE 37  Take Time to Enjoy Meals
RCE 38  Keepin' It Movin' with Fiber
RCE 39 Grill Sergeant
RCE 40  All Foods Can Fit
RCE 41 Sky Hi Tri's
RCE 42 Spud Liberation Front
RCE 43 Kid Obesity
RCE 44 Just 100 Calories
RCE 45 Off the Label