There is a quiet, almost invisible, epidemic plaguing America's truckers.  
According to studies, truckers suffer from all of the problems bothering the American
public...Type II diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc...just more so.  Because of
this, way too many drivers go permanently 10-7 before their time!  
It's all about the lifestyle.  You're faced with poor diets, no exercise, fatigue, and stress.
Driving hour limitations and regulations force unusual sleep patterns adding to stress
and fatigue.  On top of that, your food choices are limited by truck stop restaurants, life
in the sleeper for days or weeks at a time, and loss of family and social contacts while
on the road.  Add to that the strain of constant long distance traveling, and many may
seek comfort in food.  

Improving nutrition is one piece of the puzzle to help truckers decrease their risk for
disease, including hypertension, type II diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and
some types of cancer. Making these changes will benefit not only you, the trucker, but
also the driving public in general. A healthy driver is more alert; an alert driver is safer,
and that benefits everyone on the road.

Pam Whitfield and Don Jacobson want to help you change. Take charge of your
meals...and take charge of your life... with
Roadcookin '...a community dedicated to
helping truckers eat smart.

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information or ideas it contains.
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